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Greek Translator

Greek Translator is a Firefox extension that helps to translate web texts from Greek to English and vice versa!

  • It translates words from Greek to English and English to Greek using the dictionary.
  • It translates sentences from Greek to English and English to Greek using Altavista Babelfish.
  • It looks up words in Wikipedia: the Greek version if the selection contains Greek, and otherwise the English version.
  • It translates incoming email messages in Thunderbird from English to Greek and Greek to English.

Just select a Greek or English word or text on a web page, click it with the right mouse button, and select Translate <word> to English|Greek with or Translate <text> to English|Greek with Babelfish or Lookup <word> in the English|Greek Wikipedia. A new page will be opened in a new tab with the result!

Note: Greek Translator is the new name for the InTranslate extension. You will want to remove InTranslate before you install Greek Translator.

greek translator Greek Translator


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